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A cochlear implant can be life-changing

A cochlear implant might be a suitable option for people who are experiencing significant difficulty hearing despite using traditional amplification devices such as hearing aids.

Unlike hearing aids which make sounds louder, a cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the inner ear to stimulate the hearing nerve directly, making sounds clearer, not just louder. It can also help a person to hear sounds they no longer hear with their hearing aids, such as high-frequency sounds.

By improving access to speech sounds, cochlear implants can help improve speech clarity and confidence in social situations.

When to consider a referral for a cochlear implant

A referral should be considered when your client is using optimised hearing aids and is still not meeting their hearing goals.

Consider the following

If your client experiences one or more of the following with well-fitted hearing aids, they may benefit from a cochlear implant.

  • Difficulty hearing on the phone
  • Difficulty following a group conversation and avoiding social situations?
  • Often asks people to repeat themselves?
  • Relies on lip-reading to understand what is being said?

Candidacy for referral is simple

Refer if your client meets one or more of the screening criteria

  1. Audibility | 60dB or greater pure tone average in the better ear
  2. Speech Understanding | 60% or less on whole word scores in the better ear

Meet Jody

Our dedicated Hearing Implant Client Support officer, Jody is a cochlear implant recipient herself and available to support your client through each step of the hearing

As a recipient, Jody understands the questions and queries your client may have as they consider a cochlear implant.

Jody can assist with any information regarding the candidacy assessment process, and funding options including private health insurance and can share her experience of having an implant.

Call 1800 054 667 and ask for Jody or email

Expected benefits of a cochlear implant

Cochlear implants are life-changing for many of our recipients.

How well a person does with an implant can depend on many things, everyone is different.

Our research shows that the majority of our adult implant recipients report significantly improved hearing in quiet and noise. People with many types of hearing loss could benefit from a cochlear implant.

An assessment with Ear Science Implant Clinic is the first step to finding out if your client may be suitable for an implant.

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