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Dedicated to helping people with ear and hearing disorders through research, education and bringing the latest innovations in Audiology and Audiometry.

For 20 years, Ear Science Institute Australia has improved the lives of millions of people with ear and hearing disorders locally, nationally and internationally through patient-driven audiology, research, education and treatment.

As a world-renowned, not-for-profit research institute, Ear Science Institute Australia upholds itself as a centre of excellence, bringing together a multi-disciplined team of the brightest minds from across the globe.

Our audiologists, clinicians, researchers, scientists and surgeons all work together to enhance the lives of those with ear and hearing disorders, discovering and delivering innovative treatments in Audiology and Audiometry to many clients. We are also committed to developing groundbreaking cures for tomorrow’s generation. While we are working towards a future without hearing loss for all, we need to make a lasting impact in Indigenous communities.

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Live with Ear Science

Live with Ear Science Professor Marcus Atlas & A/Profressor Hani Al-Salami led a vibrant panel discussion to share the latest of our groundbreaking ear and hearing research.

The 30-minute session included:

  • New & exciting hearing therapeutics and drug developments as we edge ever closer to a cure for hearing loss.
  • What are the benefits of these cutting-edge discoveries and developments on those with hearing loss?
  • Should people wait for a cure or should I seek treatment with an Audiologist now?
  • Uncovering the innovation involved on the road to a future free of hearing loss.