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The only Audiologists in Perth that offers independent hearing implant choice, across all the world’s manufacturers.

Can you believe that only a little more than 8% of those that need a cochlear implant get one? At Ear Science Implant Clinic, we are committed to increasing this number.

With 4 locations, we are the most extensive private hearing implant program in Western Australia. With a highly-skilled team of audiologists in Perth working alongside experienced surgeons, our team is caring for over 1,300 implant recipients, and this number only continues to grow each year.

Implant Support Group Event

Ear Science Implant Clinic runs regular support evenings to give you the opportunity to speak with someone who understands how you are feeling who has been through the hearing implant journey.

Please join us for an evening supporting those considering a cochlear implant.  You will hear from our special guests who volunteer their time to share their experiences, support you and answer any questions you may have along with our Implant Audiologists.

This evening will help you:

  • Understand the decision-making process
  • Form realistic expectations for yourself and your family
  • Prepare for what it’s like to hear with a cochlear implant
  • Understand how a hearing implant may change your life and
  • Answer any questions you have
Our hearing implant program is the largest in WA, with a team of audiologists in Perth caring for over 1,300 implant recipients.

Ear Science Implant Clinic has become the largest hearing and cochlear implant clinic in Perth, changing the lives of more than 120 West Australians each year. Successful clinical outcomes are achieved by combining current research and the latest technology with a multidisciplinary team of Perth’s leading ear surgeons and experienced hearing implant Audiologists working alongside neurologists, radiologists, and psychologists.

A dedicated Implant Coordinator will guide and support each person through their individualised hearing implant journey.

With the choice of surgeon, implant technology, and surgery time, start a conversation about hearing implants with the Ear Science Implant Clinic today.


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