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Referring a Patient to Lions Hearing Clinic

Thank you for making your patients hearing care a priority and choosing Lions Hearing Clinic – your trusted hearing provider in Western Australia.

GPs are crucial to detecting hearing loss, with people more likely to seek help from their GP than from a hearing clinic.

Refer your patient to Lions for complete hearing services, including hearing assessments, complex cases, tinnitus & cochlear implants. 

With appointments to suit your patient, we take the time to understand your patient’s current hearing requirements, and our recommendations are backed by research and catered to their current needs. We are commission-free and offer a complete range of hearing devices from leading manufacturers.

All Pensioners and DVA clients receive fully subsidised hearing tests under the Hearing Service Program.

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Help your patients on their hearing journey

Some patients may not know if they need a hearing check or be anxious about what’s involved, find out what happens at a Lions Hearing Clinic Hearing assessment.

However, hearing is important!

Hearing loss is highly prevalent and can significantly impact our social, emotional, and physical health.  We recommended a hearing check every year.

Who needs a hearing test?

  • +55 years
  • Dizziness, tinnitus
  • History of noise exposure
  • Anyone exhibiting signs of hearing loss

Signs of hearing loss

  • Constant requests for repeats
  • Complaints that other people are mumbling
  • Reduced social activity and withdrawal
  • Domination of conversation
  • Confusion and miscommunication
  • Unexplained sadness and depression
  • Needing the TV volume louder than your family

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Does your patient wear hearing aids?

Hearing aids help many people, but as your hearing loss progresses, a cochlear implant may give you the clarity and volume you need to understand speech again.   Cochlear implants are life-changing devices that can help you hear sounds you no longer hear with your hearing aids, restoring your confidence and connecting you to loved ones. 

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FREE online Hearing Test

Start your own healthy hearing journey with this online hearing test to help you identify difficulties with understanding speech in background noise.

  1. You will be asked for your year of birth and your preferred language
  2. Try to find a quiet space and decide if you will use your device speakers or headphones
  3. Set the volume to a comfortable level
  4. You will hear 23 sets of numbers, always in groups of three, while background static noise plays
  5. The volume will increase and decrease as you move through the test
  6. Select the three numbers you hear by selecting the corresponding number shown to the right of the keypad.

If you are using hearing aids, we recommend that you take our hearing aid check.

This hearing test does not replace a visit to one of our hearing clinicians and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis. If you require further information or testing you can come into one of our clinics for a comprehensive hearing test, audiometry test or audiogram. We also offer a hearing test for kids!

If you think that you are experiencing hearing loss and require a targeted hearing test book an appointment today.